Wristband Sales Terms and Conditions

For the purpose of this agreement the term “we” means When Nature Calls Limited and the “facilities” means the When Nature Calls vacuum toilets.
You agree to purchase the WNC wristband for the sum indicated on the When Nature Calls website. The WNC wristband entitles one person to use the facilities during the hours stated on the event specific terms and conditions.

WNC runs a one finger policy and it is strictly enforced, this is the gap between the wearer skin and the clasp. 

No refunds on purchased tickets will be offered at any stage prior, during or after an event regardless of if a WNC ticket was used or not. 
If WNC tickets are purchased for an incorrect event an additional booking fee will be en-cured when making an amended booking.
We do not encourage the sale of WNC tickets through 3rd party sellers and we will not be held liable for any miss-sold, duplicate or fraudulent tickets.

Whilst wristband numbers are restricted we cannot guarantee that queuing will not be necessary. You acknowledge you will have to queue to use the facilities at peak times and no refunds will be given.

We operate a single queue system regardless of the service you require (including but not limited to toilets, hair washing, hair styling, make-up zones).

We reserve the right for the facilities to be moved to another location within the event site should it be necessary.

Children aged 3 – 12 must have a child’s wristband.

WNC Wristbands are not transferrable between different persons over the course of the event and must be secured on your wrist. Proof of purchase may be requested. Lost, broken, copied or defaced wristbands will be unacceptable and will result in access to the facilities being denied.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the facilities at our sole discretion.

You use the facilities at your own risk. We exclude all liability of any loss, injury or damage caused by using the facilities except any injury caused by our negligence.

Whilst When Nature Calls Limited will use reasonable endeavours to ensure our facilities are fully operational over the course of the event we accept no liability should an equipment failure result in the facilities having to be closed for maintenance. In the unlikely event that the festival is cancelled for any reason by the event organiser we again accept no liability and no refunds will be given.

Wristbands should be collected at the WNC site, hours and location according to the event specific terms and conditions.

Not all facilities such as stretch tent cover, hair washing, hair styling, make-up zones and chill out area will be available at each event we attend. Please check details of the specific event you are looking to attend prior to purchasing a WNC ticket.

We do not offer shower facilities but does offer hair washing and styling facilities at certain events. Photo's of these facilities can be found under the 'loo Views' page of WNC's website.